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    Stålkoncernen Ovako har med hjälp av en nyskapande VR-lösning gjort det möjligt att besöka samtliga Ovakos produktionsorter med hjälp av ett headset. Den innovativa lösningen har tagits fram i samarbete med CLVR Works och IVAR Studios. Ett virtuellt showroom står i centrum när Ovako i februari...
    During spring the Nobel Museum signed up with HTC Vive and CLVR Works as virtual reality (VR) partners for the exhibition “Understanding Matter” in Dubai. The focus was to produce an immersive VR experience in the field of education with HTC Vive as sponsor and CLVR Works as the project lead. The...
  • Virtual Reality - The Next Reality

    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will change the World we live in

    We help you find your way

    VR / AR - Business Consulting

    How can you use VR and AR in real business cases?

    We help you figure out how your company or business best can break new innovative ground with VR and AR technology. Do you wonder how you could use VR and AR tech in your very real business cases? Do you need a new product, cut costs, save time or educate more efficiently. We know how.

    VR / AR - Talks &Trends

    Where are we heading?

    Where will VR, AR, AI, 5G, IoT, Robotics and other emerging technologies take us? What is future or fiction and what is already a reality? How and why does your business need to adapt to survive?

    We give you inspiration, insight and ideas through our talks.

    VR / AR - Productions

    Do you need high end production?

    Do you need ground breaking and high-end productions in VR, AR, 360, Virtual Tours or applications to go with them, we have some of the sharpest cases, minds and partners in the business. If you need something never done before, give us a call and we'll surprise you of what is actually possible. 

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    Nyskapande VR-showroom öppnar Ovakos dörrar

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    Interview by the largest VR pod in Sweden

    Nokia OZO workshop during Göteborg Film Festival

    CLVR Works competing in VR Film Festival

  • The Rise of the Esport Generation

    2nd place in Sweden's first ever VR Film Festival

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