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The Nobel Museum’s first VR experience

Exhibited in Dubai with VR Partners HTC Vive & CLVR Works

Produced in cooperation with SCISS

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During spring the Nobel Museum signed up with HTC Vive and CLVR Works as virtual reality (VR) partners for the exhibition “Understanding Matter” in Dubai. The focus was to produce an immersive VR experience in the field of education with HTC Vive as sponsor and CLVR Works as the project lead. The exhibition was initiated by the Sheik of Dubai’s foundation for education in the United Emirates, MBRF (Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation), with the purpose to educate and inspire the next generation of Nobel Laureates in the science of Physics.

“The Nobel Museum brings stories about ground breaking discoveries to a global audience. These stories are about creativity, courage, ingenuity and playfulness - simply some of the most important ingredients when you want to work “for the benefit of humankind”, as Alfred Nobel phrased it. Combining these stories with the best possible interface in order to spur curiosity in a wide audience - that’s where VR and the technology developed by HTC plays an important role. This is the moment when edutainment starts to become an unnecessary label - learning about our universe in this form is simply fun.”

- Olov Amelin Ph.D., Museum Director at Nobel Museum

The exhibition “Understanding Matter” is focused on the knowledge the 110 Nobel Laureates in physics has brought forth since 1901 and one of several stations was the VR station produced in cooperation with SCISS and their software Uniview. The VR experience has several immersive flights through space and time, where the visitor gets to experience the grandness of space and at the same time learn more of how the Nobel Laureates have contributed to our understanding of the universe today. There are chapters of the Earth, the Sun, radio waves, gravitational waves and the big bang.

“Virtual Reality is democratizing experiences. With the new Nobel Museum VR experience we can all experience the mysteries of the universe and learn from the Nobel Laureates in physics. HTC Vive and Nobel Museum really enjoyed working with SCISS and CLVR Works who developed this Vive VR experience.”

- Rikard Steiber, President Viveport and SVP Virtual Reality at HTC

During the 13th and 14th of May the Nobel Museum’s VR installations is shown outside of Dubai for the first time during the “VR Scientific Festival” in Stockholm. The festival is focusing on applied science in VR with a broad international program during three days at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Visitors are most welcome to try both the Nobel Museum’s VR experience but also any of the 35 VR stations, lectures, workshops, or 360 cinema experiences provided on site.

"At SCISS, we are driven by innovation and constantly strive to find new ways to inspire communities through scientific visualization. VR presents an incredible new way to do just this, and our Uniview platform offers powerful production capabilities for this growing technology. We were thrilled to work with HTC and the Nobel Museum to build this unique immersive experience. Our hope, is that through this project we are able to inspire future Uniview users to create VR content through Uniview that can be used to expand the ways in which visitors experience science."

- Per Hemmingsson, co-founder of Sciss

We can now look back on a three months’ successful VR installation in Dubai and look forward to the coming educational experiences initiated by the Nobel Museum’s VR application.

“It has been truly rewarding to partner with the Nobel Museum and HTC Vive in the VR project of Understanding Matter, and we at CLVR Works are very pleased with the result. To see the pure joy when the first visitors tried the VR experience on site in Dubai was amazing. From start in Stockholm to finish in Dubai, it has been a fantastic and creative process to lead this project and we look forward to show it to the rest of the world.”

- Viktor Peterson, founder & CEO at CLVR Works

About CLVR Works

CLVR Works is a virtual reality consulting agency and production company. Working with well-known brands worldwide to make the new virtual reality medium more accessible to both public and industry. We mainly focus on esport, education and B2B applications and we truly believe in the possibilities this new technique will bring to our future.



SCISS is a world leading supplier of turnkey dome theater solutions for planetariums, science centers, museums, and educational institutions all over the world. Introducing the groundbreaking Uniview visualization software in the early 2000s, SCISS has since grown to power the operations of over 150 leading science facilities worldwide. Uniview, is widely recognized as the most accurate data visualization platform in the industry.

For more information

Contact: Viktor Peterson, +46(0)70 88 88 297,

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